Start of Something New!

Blogging is one thing that I missed. I’ve been seriously busy making a living when I ditched the phone (call center girl here). That was December 2013? Haha! All I care is instragram and facebook.. Uhhhmm, okay, to admit! The “blogging passion” shrunk when I got a smart phone. My old blogging laptop is already busted. But few weeks ago, I had the realization of coming back since it was damn cool and fun to read your previous posts! You’ll realize how you’ve grown and heck? the changes about everything issss just so humiliating slash funny slash inspiring!

So here, I decided to renew my domain, bought a new laptop! Yes.. a laptab to be exchange, since the screen can be detached from the keyboard which makes if very very handy!

I just hope complete motivation goes back together with my fitness motivation (which is still in the process of battling with my lazyness).

I drafted my future posts already and created some ideas on how I can stick to this.

I hope this time… it will be real!. hah!

Remember me no more? THIZZZ ME.