Training to be a Trainer

So let’s start it this way.

I always say that I like to blog.. or should I say, be active again.. or heck, focus! But at the end of the day I always see myself loosing from my my inner laziness!

But tonight, I am so proud.. I conquered that ish! LOL.

Even thought I started typing around 12mn and currently it’s 2:54 in the morning

Ahhh.. don’t mind! talkative!

Anyways. I’m just so glad to see progress on what I do in my company. As a call center agent, everyone wants to get promoted. I mean, who wants to take in telephone calls forever? December 2013 I got promoted as a Training-Officer in Charge, therefore no more phone calls!! hahaha. then June 2014 I took one major step in my call center career and decided to transfer site (same company) and transfer house to Alabang. Ambiance is different, Alabang is laid-back, trees are everywhere, streets aren’t crowded, traffic jam.. nah! I rarely feel it, my house or should I say space is definitely the best. My workmate and I currently rent a studio type condominium unit that is just a minute walk from our office. Therefore no more excuses about being late or even absent! Best of all I can go home if it’s my lunch.

So yeah, after being promoted back in December 2013, I was surprised to be “somehow” get promoted and this time without even applying. I thank God for letting my superiors see my passion and my potential. Currently I’m in the training to be a Line Trainer. Line trainer by the way is the one who trains newly hired agents before they get to the phones.

I’m just so thankful for that opportunity. And trying my hardest just to get the post by working my ass-off not just in the office, but showing them I deserve to be a line trainer 24/7.