Get Well Soon Ma.

This is probably one of my saddest week in my whole life.. Wednesday morning while i was in the office, i saw several missed calls and text from my sister and Aunt from Bataan. My mom was rushed into the hospital because of severe headache, vommiting, pooping and everything. It was really scary for me because for my 22 years of exsistense, it was my mom’s first time to be hospitalized and ┬áit was very sudden.

Thank God after 4 days she was discharged yesterday. It was glaucoma. Treatable, so I don’t worry that much anymore.. She just needs few eye treatments and lazer for it to be fixed.

I only have a mom (dad died already 19 years ago) and I want her to be the healthtiest..

Right now, I’m thinking of a good gift, maybe a SUPER GET WELL SOON card to be printed 100 pieces (I’m looking for online print solutions) and i
ll post it on her room. Hehe! So that she’ll always feel how much I love her though I’m away.



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