Acne Problem

Excuse me if this one’s gross.

I’ve got clear skin (on the fezz) during college. But as what I can remember while I was reviewing for the board exam, i had a lot of skin breakdown and I was not able to control them. I tried a lot of products but none from them healed those growing pimples!

Until I became a call center agent. Means, I work at night… It became worse! ACNE i guess.

Few months ago my self-esteem reached its lowest point that I had to look down, cover my face with hair/fringe whenever I walk on the hallways, especially in the office. Good thing I’ve got a friend who recommended me a derma that could help me with my problem. I tried the product and after a month I’ve seen the improvement.

My before and after pictures ladies and gentlemen

Heee! thank God! Today, I go to the office without fringe, I can now walk with my head up and self esteem is going back to normal little by little.

My pores are close even if I sometimes lack sleep, it’s glowing and it’s reddish. Marks are still there. But it’s okay. Itutuloy ko to hanggang mawala ang mga bakas!

Next time I will try to update in HD pictures! If i’m not lazy

This is what I’m currently using. I guess it went through some DNA testing just to be more effective? It’s highly formulated and will never let you spend any cent with regrets


Got the same problem? Let me know! I can help you.

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