Sometimes, you get to do things you didn’t mean to, you get to say things that you don’t have to and sometimes you get to feel things that you’re not supposed to feel.
My story.

Even though it was all clear from the beginning that the status should not go beyond something aside from what you had on the first day that you met, still….. As the days go by, everything is becoming unclear.

When you try not to label, you think

When you try not to fight, you both do it with no apparent reason

When you try not to talk, you miss the feeling

When you try not to care, you feel selfish


Getting what I wanted has always been my goal. But this time, after getting what I wanted I realized I wanted more, then I realized that I cannot go beyond what can only be given, you cannot get someone who’s been already owned by someone no matter
how hard you try still, you lose.

One sided…. again…. I know