My Mother, My Rock

It was my 20th birthday when I first asked Mama about getting a tattoo. “Like a bottle” that’s the script that I wanna get marked on my body permanently. Like a bottle- you’ll never appreciate the taste of what’s inside a bottle if you’ll just take a look at it. You have to open it, and taste what’s inside. Same thinking if you first see someone (or me, maybe?) you don’t judge someone by just looking at it. Dig deeper, then appreciate.

I got a “NO” of course. I was a Nursing student, mom never had a tattoo.. and the thinking was, tattoos are for ghettos.

Mama died 3 years after. It was hard yes. But I had to accept, but never forget.
I had this dream one night. It was very clear that she’s finally allowing me to have a tattoo, left-chest part to be exact. In my dream, she had a tattoo on her neck part. According to my friends, it’s an ancient belief in some ancient Asian countries that spirits have tattoo on their necks. Same with my mom.

I created my draft and told myself that I will have it inked when I turn 24. Courage lacked, unsure, undecided, so I waited.

1 week before Mama’s birthday, it finally came to life. I decided to have it marked on the exact position, based on my dream. It means a lot to me.


  • Infinity- symbolizes that she will be a part of my life forever
  • Feather- she’s already my angel
  • My Mother, My Rock- I won’t be this strong if not because of her. She molded me and taught me not just the basics, but even the complicated ones! She’s my foundation!
  • III-XIII-MMXII- The day she joined her creator

Tattoos won’t necessarily mean “dirt”, “ghetto”, “gangsta” it’s just a general perception, a stigma I must say. Rather, an expression of your real feelings. It’s a choice. If it makes you happy then why feel bad? No one should force you to get it, if you feel like you’re ready. Then, go with it!